The term “Veddha” refers to an indigenous people in Sri Lanka, known as the Veddas or Wanniyala-Aetto. They are considered one of the island’s earliest inhabitants and have a distinct culture and way of life.

The Veddas traditionally lived in small, mobile groups and practised hunting and gathering. They are known for their unique language, Veddah, which is distinct from the Sinhala and Tamil languages spoken by the majority of the population in Sri Lanka. Over the years, the Veddas have faced challenges to their traditional way of life, including encroachment on their lands and changes in land use patterns.

Efforts have been made to preserve the cultural heritage of the Veddas, and there are ongoing discussions about their rights, protection of their lands, and integration into broader Sri Lankan society. The term “Veddha” is used to refer to both the community as a whole and the individuals belonging to this indigenous group.


BIA to Colombo

  • Airport Pickup & Transfer to Colombo
  • Overnight stay in Colombo

Colombo to Kandy

  • Transfer to Kandy
  • Check-Into The Hotel and Relax
  • Evening Witness Cultural Dance Show
  • Take Blessings at Kandy Tooth Relic Temple
  • Overnight stay in Kandy

Kandy to Mahiyanganaya

  • Morning Transfer to Mahiyanganaya
  • Learn and Experience Clay Pot Making Process
  • ‘Pan’ Weaving Experience in a Village House
  • Enjoy an Authentic Rice and Curry Lunch at Rathna Ella Village
  • Trek to See Two Beautiful Hidden Waterfalls – Rathna Ella and Kaluwa Wetuna Ella. Take a dip if you wish!
  • Overnight Stay in Mahiyanganaya


    • A Full Day Experience at Dambana Vedda Village

-Take a Bush Walk in The Jungle with Veddhas. During this walk, Vedda’s
-Will Demonstrate Their Hunting Methods which is Very Interesting!
-Walk In the Mountains to See Caves with Veddhas
-Visit a Veddha Dwelling
-Enjoy a BBQ Dinner Amidst Roaring Camp Fire and Veddha Dances

  • Overnight Stay in Mahiyanganaya

Mahiyanganaya to Gal Oya

  • Transfer to Gal Oya
  • Enjoy a Picnic Lunch in the National Park
  • Afternoon Jeep Safari in Gal Oya National Park
  • Overnight stay in Gal Oya

Gal Oya

    • A day of exploration with the Gal Oya Vedda Tribe.

-The Gal Oya Vedda Village Chief to take you on a walk through the jungles of his ancestors
-Explore and know the ancient hunting grounds
-Listen to songs of the native tongue as you walk through
-Indulge in the jungle as you listen to the hunter-gatherer folk tales

  • Return back to Gal Oya Lodge to relax and enjoy the accommodation
  • Overnight Stay in Gal Oya

Gal Oya to Ella

  • Morning Boat Safari in Gal Oya National Park
  • Transfer to Ella
  • Cooking Experience at a Typical Local Place along with dinner
  • Overnight stay in Ella

Ella to Weligama

  • Morning Hike to Little Adam’s Peak
  • Visit Nine Arches Bridge
  • Transfer to Weligama
  • Check-Into The Hotel and Relax or Unwind in a restaurant by the beach
  • Overnight stay in Weligam

Weligama to BIA

  • Airport Transfer
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