Exploring Sri Lanka’s Enchanting Nature Trails

Sri Lanka, a jewel in the Indian Ocean, boasts not only pristine beaches and rich cultural heritage but also an abundance of natural wonders waiting to be discovered. One of the most immersive ways to experience the island’s breathtaking landscapes is through Nature Trails Tours. These tours offer a unique blend of adventure, serenity, and the opportunity to connect with the diverse ecosystems that characterize this tropical paradise.

Diverse Flora and Fauna: Embarking on a Nature Trails Tour in Sri Lanka is like stepping into a vibrant tapestry of biodiversity. The island is home to a remarkable array of flora and fauna, including exotic birds, elusive leopards, and colourful butterflies. Nature enthusiasts can traverse through lush rainforests, where every step is accompanied by a symphony of chirping birds and rustling leaves.

Tea Plantations and Highlands: The central highlands of Sri Lanka are renowned for their picturesque landscapes adorned with sprawling tea plantations. Nature Trails Tours often take visitors through the undulating hills of Nuwara Eliya and Ella, providing a glimpse into the fascinating process of tea production. The cool climate, mist-covered mountains, and the scent of freshly plucked tea leaves create an enchanting atmosphere that lingers in the memory.

Waterfalls and Rivers: Sri Lanka is adorned with cascading waterfalls and meandering rivers, each with its own story to tell. Nature Trails Tours lead adventurers to places like Ramboda Falls, Bambarakanda Falls, and the serene Kelani River. The sound of rushing water, coupled with the lush greenery surrounding these natural wonders, offers a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries: For those seeking encounters with the island’s wildlife, Nature Trails Tours often include visits to national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. Yala National Park, known for its leopard population, and Wilpattu National Park, with its diverse ecosystems, provide opportunities to witness elephants, deer, crocodiles, and a myriad of bird species in their natural habitats.

Cultural and Historical Significance: In addition to the natural wonders, Nature Trails Tours in Sri Lanka often weave in cultural and historical elements. Discover ancient cave temples, hidden amidst the verdant landscapes, and learn about the rich heritage of the island’s rural communities. The tours provide a holistic experience that connects travellers not only with nature but also with the cultural tapestry of Sri Lanka.

 A Nature Trails Tour in Sri Lanka is a sensory journey through the heart of nature’s wonders. From the mist-covered mountains to the vibrant rainforests, and the serene tea plantations to the majestic wildlife, every step unveils a new facet of the island’s beauty. These tours offer a perfect blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion, making them a must for those seeking an unforgettable experience in the embrace of Sri Lanka’s natural splendor.


BIA to Negombo

  • Airport Pickup and transfer to Negombo.
  • Overnight Stay in Negombo.

Negombo to Kitulgala

  • Transfer to Kitulgala.
  • Experience White Water Rafting Expedition.
  • Enjoy Sri Lankan Rice & Curry Lunch.
  • Afternoon visit Belilena Caves by Bicycle.
  • Overnight stay in Kitulagala.

Kithulgala to Nuwara Eliya

    • Bird Watching Trail in Makandawa Forest Reserve

– Arrival Time will be 6.30 AM at Kitulgala
– Brief Description of the Trail and the Forest Reserve
– Starting the Bird Watching Tour at 6.45 AM
– Rest Stops within Every 1 KM
– Visiting Waterfalls such as Lenthiri Ella Falls
– Refreshments
– Photography Sessions
– Reaching the Trail Head by 11.30 AM

  • Transfer to Nuwaraeliya
  • En-route sightseeing of Devon & St. Claire Water Falls
  • Overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya – HERITAGE TEA FACTORY

Nuwara Eliya

    • Hiking and trekking Tour to Kirigalpothta Mountain via Horton Plains

– Arrival Time will be 07.30 AM at the Horton Plains National Park
– Brief Description of the Route and the Hike
– Starting the Hike at 07.45 AM
– Rest Stops within Every 1.5KM
– Refreshments
– Estimated Time to Reach the Top by 12.15 PM
– Lunch
– Photography Sessions
– Refreshments
– Reaching the Trail Head by 03.30 PM

  • Overnight stay in Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya to Kandy

    • Explore Single Tree Hills & Shanthipura (The Highest Village in Sri Lanka)

– Arrival Time will be 07.30 AM at the Trail Head near Racecourse in Nuwara Eliya
– Brief Description of the Route and the Trekking
– Starting the Trekking at 08.00 AM
– Refreshments
– Estimated Time to Reach the Top by 10.30 AM
– Photography Sessions
– Climbing down the trail will begin at 11.30 AM
– Lunch

  • Transfer to Kandy
  • En Route sightseeing Ramboda Falls
  • Overnight stay in Kandy


    • Cycling in Hantana

– Arrival at the Trail Head at 08.30 AM
– Brief Description of the Tour
– Start the Cycle Tour at 09.00 AM
– Continuous Breaks Accompanied by Refreshments
– Ride through Tea Plantations
– Reach the Top
– Cycling Back through Rocky and Challenging Roads
– Sri Lankan Traditional Lunch
– Drop off to the Hotel

  • Overnight stay in Kandy.

Kandy to Colombo

    • Bird Watching and trekking in Udawattakele Sanctuary

– Arrival Time will be 06.30 AM at Udawattakele Entrance
– Brief Description of the Trail and the Forest Reserve
– Starting the Bird Watching Tour at 06.45 AM
– Rest Stops within Every 1KM
– Refreshments
– Photography Sessions
– Reach the Trail Head by 11.30 AM

  • Transfer towards Colombo
  • Overnight stay in Colombo

Colombo to BIA

    • Airport Transfer
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